Greetings! My name is Daria Erdosy and I am a full-time graphic designer and art director.

I can adhere to your existing branding with ease, or create a new “face” for your company from scratch. I am a bit of an anomaly: the designer who likes to work with you. I’m a good listener whose ego never gets in the way of bringing your vision to life.

My first and happiest
memories are of drawing
and painting. My extensive
background in the fine arts
gives my work a compositional
sophistication and attention
to detail above and beyond
that of your average commercial
designer. I get the job done
fast, and I get it done

Click here for a downloadable PDF of my complete resume


  • Print layouts for magazines, newspapers, catalogs, books
  • Ads, banners, logos, marketing packages, signs, mailers, trade show booths
  • Web, intranet, and email design
  • Textile design and sporting goods product design.

Quark Express
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Acrobat
Micosoft Word
Digital color correction
Pre-Press Production
   digital and sheet-fed
Digital Video production
Digital Photographer
   shoot supervising,
   model hiring

Art Director
Project Management
Hiring and training